New Wideband Coax Range


The NEW Wideband Coax range has been developed specifically for the UK market (based on new Wideband technology used by Sky in the UK) and complements our existing range of TdSCR multiswitches (when used in wideband mode).


307777            TSWA Satellite Wideband Amplifier

307778            TWS2 Wideband Splitter H/V

307779            TWT2 Wideband Tap H/V

  • TSWA operates Satellite IF frequencies 290-2340MHz.
  • TSWA has 2 inputs – 1 x V and 1 x H feed.  Low and High are combined on 1 feed.  The amplifier is compatible with wideband LNB’s.
  • TWS2 and TWT2 are designed for Satellite IF frequencies 290 - 2340 MHz, and Terrestrial frequencies 5 - 862 MHz.

Use with TRIAX TdSCR multiswitches in wideband mode.

Product codes:

318182   TdSCR 504
318183   TdSCR 508
318184   TdSCR 512

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